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Commencing the Conversation – Arts, Culture, Creativity and Community

Sep 7, 2022

Drogheda has a long and rich history of arts and cultural activity, stretching back thousands of years. In current times the benefit arts, culture and creativity can bring to individual and community wellbeing is being increasingly recognised in research. The importance of arts and culture to community is also noted in both the Scoping Report into Community Safety and Wellbeing in Drogheda and the Drogheda Report Implementation Plan. The Scoping Report notes that  “Greater consideration of the value of the arts and culture as platforms and vehicles for good in the Town, especially for young people, need to be explored.”

Drogheda Implementation Board hosted an event on Wednesday 7th September to bring together individuals and groups in the community to look at how Arts, Culture and Creativity can respond to and support the goals of the Drogheda Report and Implementation Plan. The event, a creative workshop facilitated by Think Visual , was attended by almost 70 people from across the arts and culture sectors in addition to representatives from the local community. A number of potential project ideas were generated at the event and groups of attendees will work on progressing these over the coming months.

2022, a year in review

2022, a year in review

We issued our final update email of 2022 today, with links to our November and December update notes and an insight into some of our activity across the year. Click here to view the email and here to go directly to our year in review document. If you are not...